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Fare options

What’s new in our fare options?

Revamping our Eco Fares and introducing Club Fares as of October 1, 2020

To better meet all your travel needs, we’re modifying our Eco Fares and introducing Club Fares.

Our Eco Fares are our fare types in Economy Class. They consist of Eco Budget, Eco Standard and Eco Flex, and have been revamped for even greater flexibility.

Our original Club Class fare will now be renamed Club Standard, and we will be adding a new fare called Club Flex. Club Standard and Club Flex will be our Club Fares and offer all the perks of Club Class but with varying degrees of flexibility to cancel or modify your flight.

With our revamped and extended fare types, you will now be prepared, more than ever, for whatever life throws your way.

Temporary relaxation of change and cancellation terms until November 30th, 2021:

No matter what fare option you choose, you will continue to benefit from the ultimate level of flexibility as long as our Book With Peace of Mind offer is around. That means no-fee changes and relaxed cancellation terms on all new bookings of flights made by November 30st, 2021.