Visit Santa Clara

Flying to Santa Clara

  • Cuba’s culture and inspiration under the sun

    Santa Clara is ideal for tourists who want to add a touch of culture to their beach vacation. This charming city offers a variety of museums as well as more than 13 kilometres of beaches in nearby Cayo Santa Maria. Any kind of traveller can find something to do.

Explore Santa Clara

  • Sights

    Cayo Santa Maria is known for its impressive beaches and crystal-clear water. In fact, it’s one of the rare beaches on the island where visitors can find waves.

  • Culture

    The Museo de Artes Decorativas allows classical music lovers to attend great concerts, and the Casa de la Cultura Juan Marinello introduces novices to Cuban contemporary art. Those who are interested in the island’s more traditional culture don’t miss out either; local musicians accompany their exploration of the city.

  • History

    Curious travellers head to charming Santa Clara. The city is full of culture, giving visitors a chance to immerse themselves in Cuban history by exploring various important sites built in honour of Che Guevara, the famous revolutionary. A seven-metre-tall statue overlooks the main square, and tourists can pay homage to him at his mausoleum.

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