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Practical guide in preparation for your trip

COVID-19 has forced countries around the world to impose new travel requirements, which are constantly evolving. To help you prepare for your trip, we encourage you to regularly consult our practical guide, which provides relevant information and a directory of websites to help you verify your travel admissibility and the entry requirements of your destination.

Travel admissibility and important information

  1. Make sure your health allows you to travel. You will be required to answer these health-related questions when checking in online or at the airport, whether you’re travelling to Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico or within Canada:
    1. Do you have or suspect you may have COVID-19?
    2. Do you have a fever?
    3. Do you have a cough?
    4. Do you have difficulty breathing?
    5. Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to medical reasons related to COVID-19?
    6. FOR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS FROM CANADA: You must complete a form detailing your travel plans and contact information. Do you have any concerns about providing this information?
    7. FOR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS TO CANADA: Canada currently has entry restrictions for foreign nationals. Is there any reason you would be denied entry into Canada?
    8. Do you have a removable mask that covers your nose and mouth to wear at the airport and on board your flight?

    If you answer YES to any of the questions 1 to 7 while checking in online or at the airport, you will be prohibited from travelling, unless you present a medical certificate attesting that your symptoms are not related to COVID-19 (applicable only to questions 1 to 5).

    In the event that you’re refused travel when checking in online or at the airport, you will need to contact our Contact Centre to postpone your trip.

    Please note that a mask is required upon arrival at the airport; otherwise, you will not be able to enter the airport and, therefore, travel. In compliance with Transport Canada recommendations, masks with exhalation valves will not be accepted.

  2. Unaccompanied minors: Prior to departure, make sure that the minor has all the necessary documentation. Pay particular attention to the entry requirements of their destination; for instance, some countries require forms to be completed online prior to departure and/or proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Consult the links in the Entry requirements section of our practical guide for more details.
  3. To assist various public health authorities, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, in their contact tracing efforts and collective fight against COVID-19, you are invited to provide your personal information (name, phone number and email) at check-in (whether online or at the airport). Participation is entirely voluntary. If you accept to provide your information, we will pass it along to the public health authorities upon request. This will allow them to contact you if, for instance, you have been in close proximity to a passenger on your flight who tested positive for COVID-19. This initiative is in addition to the various destination entry requirements.
  4. Before you travel, consult the Government of Canada’s travel advisories. An official global travel advisory and pandemic travel health notice are currently in effect.

Other helpful resources

Here are some other reliable sources of information that you might find useful: