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  • Planning a trip to Canada? Great! While you’re there, why not explore more of the maple leaf country? With our domestic flights from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, you can :

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    With our domestic flights, discovering more of Canada is just that easy! And with all that time you’ll save, you can finally find the answer to the greatest mystery of all: which city has the most polite Canadians?

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Flight time vs Driving time

Cities Driving time by car Flying time Miles
Montreal - Toronto 5h30 1h15 337 mi
Montreal - Calgary 37h00 4h55 2 197 mi
Montreal - Vancouver 43h00 5h45 3 053 mi
Toronto - Calgary 31h00 4h15 2 124 mi
Toronto - Vancouver 38h00 5h10 2 722 mi

Approximate times and distances, source: Google Maps