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Louisiana Travel Guide

  • All jazzed up for the Pelican State

    Watch the Mardi Gras parade amble by in a fanfare of feathers, beads, masks, and floats with giant heads. Sway to jazzy tunes emanating from grand ol’ music halls. Breathe in the sweet olive, coffee and mossy-tree fragrances floating by. Sink your teeth into Creole and Cajun specialties. And feel the warm air on your skin as you ride a pontoon through the swamps. Louisiana is a true feast for the senses.

Discover Louisiana

  • Festival of flavours

    Savour the Cajun and Creole takes on Louisiana classics. Gumbo, the state dish, is a stew that starts with what locals call the “holy trinity”: onion, bell pepper and celery. Add tomatoes and seafood for the Creole version, or sausage and chicken for the Cajun. Creole-style jambalaya cooks the “holy trinity” with meat before adding tomato and rice, while Cajuns cook the ingredients in a different order and sans tomato, resulting in a smokier dish.

  • Scintillating cities

    New Orleans is a joyous melting pot known for its Mardi Gras, French Quarter, voodoo, jazz, LGBTQ scene and oh, so much more. Over in Lafayette, locals claim to have the most restaurants per capita in the nation. True or not, be sure to bring your appetite, and expect to hear some sweet music, too. Baton Rouge, the state capital, boasts a happy melange of activities. We recommend the Old State Capitol Building, haunted tours and plantation visits.

  • Exuberant culture

    Mardi Gras is really a month of partying building up to one of the most famous parades—EVER. And yes, the procession of dazzling costumes, whimsical floats and marching bands lives up to the hype. Speaking of music, Louisiana is synonymous with jazz, so be sure to catch a live show. Finally, Baton Rouge’s Capitol Park Museum is like one-stop shopping for all things Louisiana, from history to culture to industry.

  • Bayou adventure

    It’s no secret that vegetation, wildlife and boat tours go together like Louisiana and gumbo. So drifting down the swamps and wetlands is a must. For one thing, you’ll learn the difference between a swamp and wetland. For another, you’ll feel like you’re in another world as you navigate under moss-covered trees. Keep your eyes peeled for alligators as well as other fauna like turtles, ducks, blue herons and pelicans, the state bird. Have your cameras ready.

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