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Cabins features - Seats

Air Transat Airplane seat

New Air Transat aircraft cabin

Air Transat aircraft cabin

Entertainment, movies Air Transat

We’re giving our fleet a full makeover.* We’ve got a redesigned Club Class for optimum comfort and a brand new Economy Class with more legroom, mood lighting and a personal entertainment system — it’s a whole new inflight experience on our Airbus wide-body jets!

*Features available on select aircraft.

  • Larger, more comfortable seats
  • A six-way headrest
  • More legroom
Consult our Club Class section for more options.

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  • Ergonomic Italian-leather seats
  • More living space
  • A four-way headrest
  • New-generation foam to ease pressure points
Consult our Economy Class section for more options.

Day-to-night mood lighting
  • All-new lighting system simulates natural light
  • Soothing colours promote a more restful flight

Individual entertainment system**
  • Individual touch screens on A330 and A321LR aircraft
  • State of the art entertainment system
  • More than 40 movies, 120 television series, 80 music albums and 9 radio channels

**Shared cabin screens and Wifi app for personal device entertainment viewing available on A321 aircraft.

Consult our Individual entertainment system section

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