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Hotels offering COVID-19 screening test services

The Government of Canada is now requiring that all air passengers five years of age or older present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result (see types of accepted molecular tests) performed less than 72 hours before departure to be allowed to board a flight to Canada.

To help you comply with this measure, some of our hotel partners are now offering their clients COVID-19 testing services on-site or at an external clinic. You will find a list of these hotels below along with details about the testing services (prices, booking an appointment, processing times, etc.).

Good to know:

    • If your hotel is not listed below, consult our practical guide where we have compiled a list of laboratories offering COVID-19 molecular tests ($) for each of our destinations.
    • Please note that the indicated prices and processing times for a screening test, and all information related to COVID insurance offered by the hotelier or extended stays following a positive result, are for information purposes only and are subject to change. Contact the establishments directly to confirm those details.
    • Make your appointment, if necessary, upon your arrival at the hotel.
    • Make sure you have your airline ticket and passport with you when you arrive for your appointment.
    • Download the Air Transat mobile app: in addition to providing essential information regarding current health regulations, it allows customers travelling as part of all-inclusive package to directly contact their Transat representative at destination for any questions about screening tests.
    • Note that the use of this service is at your complete discretion and that you may choose to go to a certified clinic of your choice for testing.
    • Also note that Transat cannot be held responsible in any way for the implementation or use of this service, which is managed by our hotel partners in collaboration with local laboratories.