Check-in times

This section covers check-in times for flights to Air Transat’s destinations.

Online check-in is offered between 24 and 2 hours prior to departure from most airport. Consult the online check-in page for more details.

Check-in times by destination
Origin: Self-service kiosk: open 8 hours / close 75 minutes
Airport counter & baggage drop-off opening Airport counter & baggage drop-off closing
Canada - international flights All airports 4 hours 60 minutes 
Canada - domestic flights All airports 4 hours  45 minutes 
U.S. All airports 4 hours  60 minutes 
Europe & Africa Paris  4 hours 60 minutes
South destinations (Mexico, Latin America & the Caribbean) Cancun 
Punta Cana
3 hours
60 minutes 
  • The times listed indicate the time prior to the scheduled flight time.
  • Baggage drop-off during airport counter opening times only.
  • Passenger must have their boarding passes (printed or electronic version), baggage tags and baggage dropped off before check-in counter closure. Passengers arriving for check-in after that time may be denied boarding.
  • Boarding Gate closure times
    • International flight: 30 minutes before departure.
    • Domestic flight: 15 minutes before departure.
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