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Air Transat offers sun and surf to Canadians, with flights from several major cities, as well as many regional airports. And thanks to the introduction of new routes and additional flights, you will have even more flexibility to vacation wherever you’d like.

Whether you rent a villa in Mexico, stay in a home in Florida or go on a backpacking adventure in Costa Rica, you can count on Air Transat to take you there.


  • Cuba

    Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the island is the largest in the Caribbean and boasts almost 6,000 km of coastline.Cuba enjoys balmy sub-tropical breezes and warm, crystalline waters.

  • Guadeloupe

    Each “wing” of butterfly shaped Guadeloupe offers tourists a different experience. Flights into central Pointe-à-Pitre allow visitors to head east or west for their preferred vacation.

  • Haiti

    Tropical vegetation, coral reefs, multicoloured fish, waterfalls and grottos are just a few reasons to book a flight to Port-au-Prince airport and tour this beautiful country.

  • Jamaica

    Influenced by Britain, Spain, Asia and Africa, it’s impossible to travel to Jamaica without sampling the jerk cuisine or taking in some reggae, the island’s official sound.

  • Martinique

    Martinique’s stunning natural beauty and fascinating history make it one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Caribbean.

  • Puerto Rico

    The famous Caribbean island is warm and inviting, with lush geography and plenty of culture and excitement. Puerto Rico’s traditions, art and culture still have an impact on modern daily life on the island.

  • St. Maarten

    With no border patrols or customs between Dutch St. Maarten and the French portion of the island, a flight to this Caribbean destination is two vacations in one for those who want to explore both sides.

  • Dominican Republic

    Travellers and time-share owners fly again and again to the Dominican Republic because of its magnificent beaches (like the ones in Punta Cana) and verdant natural landscapes (like those found in Samaná).

Central and South America

  • Colombia

    Colombia is bursting with riches. Flights into Cartagena provide travellers with the perfect departure point for a vacation replete with biodiversity and cultural abundance.

  • Costa Rica

    The name Costa Rica describes the country well: rich coast. This exotic destination means vacationing in a paradise of active volcanoes, sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and airy cloud forests.

  • El Salvador

    Nature lovers looking for a tourism experience that respects the environment and who want an adventure off the beaten path book a flight to El Salvador, Central America’s ecotourism treasure chest.

  • Panama

    Flights to Panama let travellers marvel at some of the most beautiful landscapes, most vibrant cultures, most interesting history and most amazing beaches.

  • Peru

    Embark on a journey of breathtaking natural wonders such as stunning landscapes, ancient civilizations, bustling cities, and delicious world class cuisine


  • Mexico

    A vacation to Mexico means discovering a diverse country full of bustling cities, endless beaches, majestic mountains like the Sierra Madre Occidental, and sweeping desert landscapes. Home to over 95 million people.

    Puerto Vallarta
    Riviera Maya


  • Fort Lauderdale

    Located in southeastern Florida, not too far from Miami, Fort Lauderdale covers over 23 miles of heavenly beaches that are available to visitors. Travellers can find a quiet spot to relax on the sand or join in the bustling activity by strolling "the strip", a hugely popular 5-mile avenue

  • Miami

    Lover of the sun and jet-set city par excellence, Miami isn’t shy to show off. And why should it be? It has a lot to brag about. Unique art deco architecture. Bustling streets lined with rainbow-hued murals. Chic hotels with rooftop pools. Beautiful beaches galore.

  • Orlando

    The city features a rich and varied arts and culture scene, with something to appeal to every taste. From classical music and Shakespeare, to children's theatre and the independent movie scene, travellers are sure to find plenty of options that will delight their artistic sensibilities.

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