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  • Lima: A city of contrasts and history

    Located on the Pacific coast, Peru’s official capital, Lima, is a wonderful city of contrasts where ancient ruins sit alongside modern skyscrapers. Immersed in history, with a rich colonial past, it is also home to beautiful beaches and some of the best cuisine in the world.

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  • Outdoors activities and parks

    Experience the vibrant energy of El Campo de Marte, where locals gather for sports, picnics, and outdoor concerts, then head to Miraflores Central Park, a lush oasis perfect for leisurely strolls and people-watching. In the evening, take in the mesmerizing Circuito Mágico del Agua, a magical water circuit showcasing dazzling light displays, interactive fountains, and a projected history of Peru.

  • Art & Cultures

    Lima’s culture is a beautiful mix of Hispanic and native traditions. Explore Lima's Main Square for its colonial architecture and bustling artistic energy. Wander through Parque del Amor, where love is celebrated through stunning sculptures and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. And savour the culinary delights of Peruvian food with its tantalizing fusion of flavors and spices.

  • History

    Discover Lima’s enchanting Basílica and Convent of San Francisco, a centuries-old architectural marvel. Immerse yourself in Peru’s ancient past at the Huaca Pucllana Site. Marvel at the grandeur of the Lima Cathedral, a majestic symbol of colonial-era splendor, or explore the Site Museum and Archaeological Sanctuary of Pachacamac, where the remnants of an ancient civilization come to life.

  • Beaches & Surf

    With a coastline of over 130 kilometers, Lima is home to some of South America’s most beautiful beaches. Kick back at Playa Cantolao, relax and soak up the sun, swim in the ocean, or go for a walk along the sandy shore. Surfers will appreciate the long, rolling waves of Playa Punta Hermosa and the powerful tube rides of Playa Agua Dulce.

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