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  • Greece, the whitewashed ancient playground of the gods

    The land of the gods is always just a flight away. Historic sites that span four millennia, countless islands both cosmopolitan and rustic and an emerging renaissance in traditional cooking are just some of the highlights in Greece.

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  • Sights

    Gleaming white in the morning, gold as the sun sets, and illuminated at night, the Acropolis—symbol of the birth of Western civilization—and its monuments have been standing guard over Athens for thousands of years. Visitors can finally witness the iconic Parthenon with their own eyes, as well as the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

    The Ancient Greeks regarded Delphi as the centre of the world, and indeed The Sacred Way leading to the Doric Temple was once lined with statues and gifts from other city-states hoping to win the favour of patron god Apollo.

  • Outings

    Meteora means “middle of the sky,” which is exactly where these 14th-century monasteries are located. One of the most awe-inspiring religious sites on earth, these six deliberately isolated abbeys were built almost 400 metres above ground atop natural sandstone pillars in central Greece.

    The 440 BC Temple of Poseidon sits perched atop a rugged projection that plunges 65 metres to the sea below. Now a magnificent sunset-viewing vantage point, legend has it that King Aegeus leapt to his death from this spot, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea.

  • Fresh and delicious Greek food

    Varoulko offers Michelin-starred seafood and striking views of the Acropolis. Rather than ordering from the menu, diners can let chef Lefteris Lazarou know what they like, and he’ll create a dish from that day’s market finds.

    One of the few restaurants in Plakas patronized by Athenians, Psarras has been serving outstanding Greek cuisine since 1898. Former guests include Brigitte Bardot.

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Important Information

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    The euro (EUR) has been Greece’s official currency since 2002.

    Official Language

    Greek is Greece’s official language and is spoken by 99% of the population.

  • Entry/exit requirements

    To get information regarding passports and all necessary visas, please visit the country travel advice and advisories of the Government of Canada.


    To obtain information concerning vaccines, please visit the Government of Canada’s travel website or ask your health professional about vaccination requirements.

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