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Cancellation request for bookings with Option Flex, Peace of Mind or Here Comes the Sun Promotion.

This form is for the exclusive use of travel agents for individual bookings made with Transat’s Contact Centre, via Sirev or Revnet. It does not apply to GDS bookings.

This form must be used to cancel a file with a flexibility condition. The form must be submitted before the flexibility expires. We will no longer accept cancellations of this nature via the Contact Centre.

Once the form is submitted no additional changes or requests will be possible. Transat will proceed with the cancellation as requested, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable promo.

* Mandatory fields

Booking information
  • Which of the following promotions/offers applies to your booking?

  • 8 number-digits for files booked with Transat Tours, 6 numbers-letters digits for files booked with Air Transat
  • I confirm that this cancellation request is within the flexibility limit of the applicable offer/promotion. I understand that I do not need to call Transat at any stage of this cancellation process, Transat will grant the credit or refund as applicable, based on form of payment.
  • Does the cancellation apply to all passengers?
  • In order to ensure that we meet the expectations of our clients, we would like to know the reason for their cancellation request


Travel agency information


Security Check*

I confirm that I have obtained instructions and consent from all applicable passengers on the booking to cancel their reservation in accordance with terms and conditions of the applicable offer or promo. It is understood that any refund, if applicable, will be issued in the form of payment on file. A confirmation that we have received this request and confirmation of cancellation, once processed, will be sent to the email addresses submitted above. Travel credits will be issued in the name of each passenger on file and are valid for travel up to 12 months following the original return date.

I understand that the cancellation request via this form is irreversible.

By submitting this cancellation request, I confirm that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions outlined above. I also understand that it is my responsibility to explain said terms to my clients and obtain their consent. If the form is not submitted within the allowable timeline, penalties will apply per regular terms and conditions.

Important information regarding the use of personal data
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