Europe & Africa: So many destinations to discover

Travelling to Europe means opening up to fascinating cultures, discovering breathtaking landscapes and going back in time via centuries-old cities. Each destination is a unique adventure, a new perspective and an opportunity to create unforgettable memories. So, where do we begin?

Western Europe

  • England

    Travellers can explore prehistoric sites like Stonehenge, majestic medieval castles and historic estates, as well as cosy pubs, world-class museums, modern architecture, trendsetting design, innovative theatre and hot nightclubs.

  • Belgium

    For such a tiny country, Belgium has contributed much to the world: the first casino, the concept and word “spa” (named after one of its towns), pralines, waffles and French fries.A quick flight from anywhere else in Europe, it’s a tourist destination worth getting to know.

  • Scotland

    Breathtaking scenery, imposing fortresses, world-class whisky and windswept glens are only part of the reason tourism in Scotland is expected to get a boost in coming years. In anticipation of a real Highland boom, travellers in the know are booking flights now.

  • France

    France has an infinite array of things to do and see. Home to 65 million inhabitants, France’s rich historic legacy includes magnificent castles and country palaces, gorgeous vineyards and countless world-famous monuments.

  • Ireland

    Initial glimpses from the flight of windswept cliffs and undulating green hills are substantiated by the thatched-cottage pubs and friendly people met on any tour of the Celtic countryside.

  • Netherlands

    Tourism in the Netherlands extends well beyond its capital city. Savvy travellers  hop on a bike through Holland’s pancake-flat countryside, over crisscrossing canals, along fields of tulips and past pretty vintage windmills.

  • Portugal

    Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe. Travellers fly to the land of peixe (or fish) to discover its many culinary delights, architectural treasures, hot beaches and delicious, traditional port wine.

  • Switzerland

    Although it is known for cuckoo clocks, yodelling and neutrality, Switzerland’s true appeal lies in its vast open-air wonderland. Its soaring mountain vistas, folk-tale-quaint Alpine villages and chalet-dotted ski resorts make it a trip into paradise for the outdoorsy.


  • Spain

    Spain offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. Travellers hop on flights to Spain to explore its beaches, discover its rich cultural heritage, sweeping landscapes and stately monuments, or get a taste of everything from siestas to fiestas to tasty tapas.

  • Greece

    The land of the gods is always just a flight away. Historic sites that span four millennia, countless islands both cosmopolitan and rustic and an emerging renaissance in traditional cooking are just some of the highlights in Greece.

  • Italy

    Home to the greatest number of UNESCO sites, vacation hotspot Italy has also endowed an astonishing number of cultural riches on the world, not to mention an internationally beloved cuisine

  • Central Europe


    The map of Croatia tells the story of two kinds of visits: a cultural adventure through the richness of Eastern Europe, and a western-facing beach holiday where the travellers can watch the sun set majestically into the Adriatic every evening.




    Morocco is a captivating mixture of culture, history, and warm hospitality. Immerse your senses by wandering through bustling souks brimming with spices, textiles, and local craftsmanship.

Where to begin?

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