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San Salvador Travel Guide

  • The capital city and metropolis of El Salvador

    Central America’s second largest city, San Salvador buzzes with activity with its traditional markets and lively squares. Architecturally, the modern blends with the ancient, though many colonial monuments have been destroyed by numerous earthquakes that have devastated the region.

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  • The Boqueron and Picacho peaks of the San Salvador Volcano

    A volcano that bears the same name as the city serves as its backdrop. It is composed of several peaks, including the Boqueron and the Picacho, which can be climbed via hiking trails that offer breathtaking views.

  • The pre-Hispanic vestiges of Joya de Cerén

    Buried under a volcanic eruption around the year 600, the Joya de Cerén archaeological site, the Pompeii of the Americas, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located 25 kilometres from San Salvador, it is well worth the short detour.

  • Pupusa, rigua, atol: local culinary specialties

    The national dish, the pupusa is a corn tortilla filled with different ingredients – cheese, squash, pork, spices and beans. The rigua, also corn-based, is served with a banana leaf. The atol, which can be made with cashew nuts, pineapple or corn, is a typical drink.

  • Restaurants and nightclubs of the Zona Rosa

    In the prestigious district of San Benito, the Zona Rosa is the best place to eat to your heart’s content and spend a memorable evening.

    The San Salvador airport is the gateway to a country that is well worth discovering and whose natural treasures are its greatest riches.

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral and San Salvador’s other historic monuments

    Notable sites to visit in San Salvador include the Metropolitan Cathedral with Byzantine and Roman influences, the neoclassical National Theatre, the magnificent and modern Iglesia El Rosario, the National Palace and the National Museum of Anthropology David J. Guzmán. To escape the city bustle, the splendid La Laguna Botanical Garden is a peaceful oasis.
  • Mercado Central and San Salvador’s other markets

    Mostly frequented by locals, San Salvador’s Mercado Central is the ideal place to soak up the local atmosphere. For those looking for souvenirs, the craft markets, the oldest of which is located near the Feria Internacional, abound with locally made products, such as hammocks, tablecloths, table runners, clothing, leather and wooden goods, etc.

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