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New adventures take flight with Air Transat

  • Travel moves us. Not only is it good for our well-being, but it also opens us up to the world by immersing us into new places and cultures. Expand your horizons while exploring our destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe or the South.

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South destinations


What better place to spend your well-deserved vacation than somewhere sunny? Explore the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, or discover the culture of Cuba or Mexico.

Europe destinations


From the Algarve and the Greek islands to the Champs-Élysées, the historic monuments of Italy and the Costa del Sol, Europe promises fulfilling holidays.

Africa destinations


Africa, the cradle of humanity, is a mosaic of cultures, landscapes, and endless adventures. Embark on an epic journey through this continent rich in diversity and wonder.

United States destinations


There's nothing like a United States getaway to keep you entertained! Visit the Florida theme parks, tour film studios and taste all types of cuisine.

Canada destinations


Want to keep it local and explore your own backyard? Set off to discover the great outdoors and vibrant cities on our flights to Canada’s main travel destinations!