Save on Europe

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  • Offer:

    $75 discount per person on a roundtrip flight

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  • Applicable fares:

    Eco Standard and Eco Flex
    Eco Budget & Eco Promo fare are not included in the promotion.

  • Travel dates:

    Between May 21 and October 31, 2024
    (excluding travel between July 19 and August 27, 2024)

  • Destinations:

    All Europe destinations

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    On May 21, 22 and 23, 2024

An enjoyable flight in Economy Class

    • A hot meal accompanied by a salad, dessert and a glass of wine
    • Non-alcoholic beverages and a snack included
    • A vast selection of entertainment options on an individual touch screen
    • Friendly and attentive service
    • A carry-on bag included
  • Personalize your Economy Class experience and choose the fare that best meets your needs.

  • Eco Standard

    Flexibility never hurts. Neither does having extra space in your luggage. Make room for purchases and allow leeway in your plans, just in case they change.

    • Modifiable with fees1
    • Refundable with fee2
    • 1 checked bag (up to 23 kg)
  • Eco Flex

    Overpackers and indecisive travellers, rejoice! Choose the freedom to bring what you want and modify or even cancel your trip with ease. Bonus: Get first dibs on that coveted window seat.

    • Modifiable without fees3
    • Fully refundable4
    • Standard seat selection
    • 1 checked bag (up to 23 kg)

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