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Colombia Travel Guide

  • Vacations to a country full of treasures

    Bordered by the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Andes and the Amazon, Colombia is bursting with riches. Flights into Cartagena or San Andrés provide travellers with the perfect departure point for a vacation replete with biodiversity and cultural abundance.

    Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the island is the largest in the Caribbean and boasts almost 6,000 km of coastline. Located at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba enjoys balmy sub-tropical breezes and warm, crystalline waters.

Discover Colombia

  • Modernity and colonialism

    Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, is modern and dynamic. In Cartagena—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—tourists can stroll along the city’s ramparts. And in Popayan, all of the businesses and public buildings are painted white.

  • Temperate climate

    In the tropical climate of this country, coffee, flowers and tropical fruits are cultivated. So close to the Equator, Colombia has an ideal temperature and constant sunlight—perfect for chasing the Northern Hemisphere blues away.
  • The Andes, the Amazon and beaches

    Sunlight and beach junkies head to Colombia to visit the Islas del Rosario or else the island of  San Andres  Will open in a separate browser window , known for its white-sand beaches. Snorkelling or scuba diving is popular there. In the south of the country, the Amazon, the longest river in the world, and the area’s flora and fauna—like pink dolphins—can be found. Athletic types can also climb the majestic Andes to take in the green landscapes. There’s something for everyone in Colombia!

  • Music, dance and festivals

    The sound of guitars, mandolins, flutes, drums and marimbas animates all of the country’s cities. At the Blacks and Whites’ Carnival as well as Barranquilla’s, the cumbia, thevallenato and even the salsa are danced. There’s also the folk festival in Ibague, theFestival of the Flowers in Medellín and the Cali Fair at the end of the year. The timing of any vacation to Colombia matters little—they’re always celebrating!

How to discover Colombia with Transat

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Important Information

  • Airports in South serviced by Air Transat

    • Rafael Nunez International Airport (CTG)
    • Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport (ADZ)


    The Colombian peso (COP) is Colombia’s official currency, but American dollars are also accepted. Credit cards can be used to book excursions.

    Official Language

    Spanish is Colombia’s official language, but many people also speak Creole and Amerindian languages.

  • Entry/exit requirements

    To get information regarding passports and all necessary visas, please visit the country travel advice and advisories of the Government of Canada's travel website.


    To obtain information concerning vaccines, please visit the Government of Canada’s travel website or ask your health professional about vaccination requirements.

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