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Cheap flights from Montreal to Santo Domingo - Fly direct!

Lowest fares by month

  • Feb 2021 - Nov 2021

    No flights available from Feb 2021 to Nov 2021

  • Flight from Toronto to Santo Domingo, December 2021 best price: $593, departure on 2021-12-01, return on 2021-12-01. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Toronto to Santo Domingo, January 2022 best price: $563, departure on 2022-01-01, return on 2022-01-01. Press enter to book.

Useful information for your trip from Montreal to Santo Domingo

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The best of Santo Domingo


From the surf to the city, and the culture to the clubs, Santo Domingo has it all

Santo Domingo, the Domincan Republic’s capital city, is steeped in culture, history, beaches and entertainment. Santo Domingo is a gorgeous seaside city, with all the nightlife, beaches and entertainment you could ask for. Visit Santo Domingo’s markets during your stay and drink in the city’s rich heritage. 

Not to be missed

  • Santo Domingo beaches are second to none, attracting tourists and locals alike

  • Take the chance to dance the night away in one of the Santo Domingo’s many glamorous nightclubs

  • A visit to the University of Santo Domingo’s lush and beautiful campus is sure to leave you feeling inspired

  • Take a guided tour of the Dominican Republic’s capital city to learn about the its storied past

  • Find a quiet moment to reflect in one of Santo Domingo’s many beautiful and historic churches

  • Travel beneath the ocean surface at the National Aquarium in Santo Domingo

  • Have the urge to explore? Puerta Plata is only a short trip away

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