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Cheap flights from Montreal to San Andrés - Fly direct!

  • Feb 2021 - Nov 2021

    No flights available from Feb 2021 to Nov 2021

  • Flight from Montreal to San Andres Island, December 2021 best price: $682, departure on 2021-12-01, return on 2021-12-01. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Montreal to San Andres Island, January 2022 best price: $622, departure on 2022-01-01, return on 2022-01-01. Press enter to book.

Useful information for your trip from Montreal to San Andrés

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The best of San Andrés

Explore the seahorse-shaped island

Less sleek and more down-to-earth than other Caribbean destinations, San Andrés is one of the top places for diving in the world. Curious sea turtles, tiger fish and manta rays swim right up to visitors in the seven-coloured waters surrounding the island.

Not to be missed

  • Acuario: A sandbank off San Andrés, Acuario is surrounded by calm water that attracts all sorts of fish and marine life. The water is so beautifully clear and shallow that snorkelling equipment is not even strictly necessary, but definitely adds to the experience.

  • El Hoyo Soplador: One of San Andrés’s natural wonders. Located at the southern tip of the island, this small geyser shoots seawater 20 metres up into the air through a natural hole in the coral rock.

  • Snorkelling, Sting Rays, Sunset and Beer Tour: Run by local Jaime Restrepo, this tour is pretty self-explanatory. Visitors are taken out in groups for a day of fun around Haynes Cay.

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