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Groups Max advantages

  • Private transfers 1

    Separate group check-in at the hotel2

    Complimentary family seat assignments3

    Welcome cocktail upon arrival4

  • Rooms located in the same section of the hotel

    15% discount on Option Plus5

    Private group briefing by destination representative6

1 Groups need to be a minimum of 15 passengers arriving on the same flight to be eligible. Private transfers are not available in San Andres (Colombia), Cayo Largo (Cuba) or at the following hotels: Barceló Tambor Beach in Costa Rica, and Sandals Resorts.
2 Minimums may apply.
3 Families traveling with children between the ages of 2-13 years inclusive will automatically have seats assigned 21 days prior to departure. The assigned seats will be listed on the e-documents.
4 Groups must be a minimum of 11 passengers to be eligible.
5 Subject to availability.
6 Groups must be a minimum of 15 passengers to be eligible. Private briefing must be booked 14 days prior to departure.