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Atmosphere - Your inflight magazine

Atmosphere is a biannual and bilingual travel magazine on board Air Transat flights. It features everything from travel stories at our favourite destinations to mouth-watering food chronicles to must-dos on vacation to kid-friendly activities.

We’ve trekked through the jungles of Costa Rica with family. We’ve embarked on budget-friendly tours of London. We’ve soaked up culture in Cartagena. All to show you the joy we feel on vacation and how it brings out the best in us.

So that by the time you finish reading our magazine on your way to one destination, you’re already planning your holiday to another.

  • May-October 2019 Edition

    In this issue of Atmosphere, star in the adventures of Tintin, the misadventures of Asterix and Obelix, and the hilarious hijinks of the clever Lucky Luke and not-so-clever Dalton brothers as we take you along Brussels’ comic strip route.
    If dragons and direwolves are more your cup of tea, then follow in the footsteps of one diehard Game of Thrones fan to Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia, where he looks for traces of the mystical Westeros.
    The food festivals in our What’s Happening section certainly seem out of this world—tomato fights and all!—but they’re very much real.
    That’s not the only place you’ll find unusual foods. To celebrate Halloween, we’ve dug out some of the most unique treats from around the world. Hope your kids don’t end up with earwax jelly beans in their goodie bags this year!

    And we have some surprising treats for adults, too—how does a beer bath sound? In “Wish You Were Beer,” we unveil four novel ways to enjoy beer in Prague.

    Read this edition of Atmosphere online.

Featured articles

Now also available on our Experience Transat blog. Happy reading!

  • Abducted by Tintin

    Tintin and Lucky Luke beckon! Succumb to the adventure, mystery and whimsy of the comic strip route in Brussels.

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  • Wish You Were Beer

    Did somebody say beer bath? Yes. Yes, we did. Here are four unique and crazy ways to experience the best beer in Prague.

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  • Wild Guadeloupe

    Plunging canyons, underwater giant brains, Pinocchio fish: Guadeloupe surprises us as we set off to explore its natural treasure trove.

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  • The Hole Truth

    Fun golf is no oxymoron. Take a swing at four of the most exhilarating golf holes in the world... and how to conquer them.

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