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Atmosphere - Your inflight magazine

Atmosphere is a biannual and bilingual travel magazine on board Air Transat flights. It features everything from travel stories at our favourite destinations to mouth-watering food chronicles to must-dos on vacation to kid-friendly activities.

We’ve trekked through the jungles of Costa Rica with family. We’ve embarked on budget-friendly tours of London. We’ve soaked up culture in Cartagena. All to show you the joy we feel on vacation and how it brings out the best in us.

So that by the time you finish reading our magazine on your way to one destination, you’re already planning your holiday to another.

  • November 2018-April 2019 Edition

    We’ve all heard the funny stereotypes about Canadians and winter. That we all live in igloos. We bathe in snow.How much is myth? How much is reality? In this issue, we find out with a trip to Quebec City and its legendary ice hotel and winter festival.
    If you prefer your winter festivals sans snow and cold, we’ve got you covered. Discover some of the coolest winter festivals in the world, from the otherworldly Día de los Muertos in Mexico to the zanyLemon Festivalin France.
    Speaking of zany, our youngest travellers will get a kick out of our new Kids & Teens section, with a peek inside the hit teen drama Riverdalein Vancouver.
    And more fun awaits readers of all ages with our very firsttreasure hunt around the world. Partnering with Geocaching HQ, we’ve hidden Air Transat stars at three of our destinations. Can you find them all?
    From our treasure hunt to 48 hours in Panama to whipping up dishes with souvenirs you bring home from Tel Aviv and Cartagena, we’ll send you—and your taste buds—on once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

    Read this edition of Atmosphere online (available in English and French only).

Featured articles

Now also available on our Experience Transat blog. Happy reading!

  • Ready, Set… Search!

    We’ve hidden Air Transat stars in Amsterdam, Florida and Richmond, B.C. Can you find them? Pack your bags and set off on a wicked treasure hunt around the world.

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  • Valentine’s Day, The Bachelor-Style

    No one does over-the-top romance like ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. So we asked some of our favourite contestants about their ideal destination dates. Cue the fireworks!

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  • A Taste From Abroad

    Two writers take us food shopping at Bazurto Market in Cartagena and Carmel Market in Tel Aviv and whip up dishes with souvenirs they bring home.

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  • What’s Happening: Winter Wonderland

    From ice sculptures to sugar skulls, discover some of the coolest winter festivals in the world.

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