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Passenger services

Learn about Air Transat’s additional passenger service commitments, such as compensation for flight delays and delayed baggage delivery.

Flight delay

Given that passengers have a right to information on flight times, Air Transat will make reasonable efforts to inform passengers of delays and schedule changes and, to the extent possible, of the reason for the delay or change.

Given that passengers have a right to punctuality, Air Transat will do the following:

  • a) If a flight is delayed and the delay between the scheduled departure of the flight and the actual departure of the flight exceeds 4 hours, the airline will provide the passenger with a meal voucher.
  • b) If a flight is delayed by more than 8 hours and the delay involves an overnight stay, Air Transat will pay for the overnight hotel stay and airport transfers for passengers who did not commence their travel at that airport.
  • c) If the passenger is already on the aircraft when a delay occurs, the airline will offer drinks and snacks if it is safe, practical and timely to do so. If the delay exceeds 90 minutes and the aircraft commander permits, Air Transat will offer passengers the option of disembarking from the aircraft until it is time to depart.
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Flight overbooking

Given that passengers have a right to take the flight they paid for, if the plane is over-booked or cancelled, Air Transat will, in the following order and at its discretion:

  • a) find the passenger a seat on another flight operated by Air Transat;
  • b) buy the passenger a seat on another air carrier with whom Air Transat has a mutual interline traffic agreement; or
  • c) refund the unused portion of the passenger's ticket.

Baggage policies

Given that passengers have a right to retrieve their luggage quickly, if the luggage does not arrive on the same flight as the passenger, Air Transat will take steps to deliver the luggage to the passenger's residence/hotel as soon as possible. Air Transat will thereafter take steps to inform the passenger on the status of the luggage and will provide the passenger with an overnight kit as required. Compensation will be provided as per the applicable provisions of Air Transat’s tariffs.


Kindly note that the above commitments are subject to the fact that Air Transat, in maintaining the highest possible standards of aviation safety, will not fly when it is unsafe to do so and cannot be held responsible for inclement weather or the actions of third parties such as acts of government or air traffic control services, airport authorities, security agencies, law enforcement or Customs and Immigration officials. 

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