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Panama City: The gateway to an unforgettable vacation

Panama has gone through an amazing rejuvenation over the last decade and, while popular, still remains relatively peaceful compared to other Central American destinations. The country’s most notable achievement is the Panama Canal, an unmatched feat of human engineering worth visiting on anyone’s journey. Beyond that, a spectacular mix of pristine beaches, outdoor pursuits, family activities and nightlife makes Panama a traveller’s dream.

In town

Panama City and its surroundings offer plenty for visitors from all walks of life. Kids love the colourful fish being sold at the Mercado de Mariscos and the whole family can enjoy a bike ride along the Amador Causeway. Only 45 minutes away from the city is Soberania National Park, a pristine tropical rainforest where visitors can see howler monkeys and sloths, as well as tamarins, one of the world’s smallest and cutest primates.


Panama City is one of the more diverse Central American cities, and the cuisine reflects it. Monsoon in the Sheraton hotel serves some of the best Asian food south of San Francisco, La Petite Bretagne is a beautiful taste of France, and travellers looking for local taste should get a table at Las Barandas.

A Getaway’s Getaway

For sunbathers, a visit to Comarca Kuna Yala is unlike any beach experience. The area is made up of 350 islands dotting the coast and the indigenous Kuna people offer visitors the opportunity to inhabit these “desert islands” for the day. It’s a fantasy come true.


Panama’s outdoor activities are ideal for group travellers. The white water rafting along the Chiriqui River is thrilling, while the diving and snorkelling at Coiba National Park is second to none. For those wanting to see the Panamanian landscape, the Volcan Baru National Park has an excellent network of hiking trails. Travellers should keep their eyes peeled for the colourful Resplendent Quetzal, Panama’s treasured bird. The Darien, a wild and pristine jungle, leaves visitors speechless.

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Weather in Panama City can vary throughout the year. The chart below indicates monthly average temperatures and rainfall so travellers can plan the perfect vacation at the right time and pack accordingly.
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