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Portugal tourism: Port wine, sunny beaches and peixe

Portugal is tucked between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, and is one of the warmest countries in Europe. Travellers fly to the land of peixe (or fish) to discover its many culinary delights, architectural treasures, hot beaches and delicious, traditional port wine.

Portugal’s main tourist centres

The capital, Lisbon, is renowned for its historical monuments—like Belém Tower—and its breathtaking views. In Porto, tourists can take a cruise on the Duoro River to see the city’s many UNESCO heritage sites from a unique vantage point. Coimbra is home to one of the oldest universities in the world and Guimarães is where Portugal’s national identity was born. Fátima, of course, is the favourite destination of religious pilgrims.

Portuguese beaches

To the south, the Algarve is known for its beautiful beaches and ideal surf conditions. Tourists—especially families with children— often start their beach holiday in Faro or Albufeira, as the water is warmer and the waves, gentler.

Porto and vinho verde

Visitors will absolutely want to see Portugal’s vineyards and try all the local specialities: porto, vinho verde and maybe even alentejo.

Outings, events and festivals

The cities of Lisbon, Porto and Albufeira are known for their trendy bars and discos, where tourists can dance the night away or discover Portugal’s melancholy fado music. There are also many musical festivals organized around the country, mostly in summer.

Golf, a popular sport

Portugal’s climate is perfect for playing golf. In fact, it was recently named one of the best golf destinations!

Portuguese gastronomy

Portugal is known for its fish (peixe) and seafood dishes, but grilled chicken is also a specialty. A must-try is the pastéis de nata, creamy custard tarts that are light and heavenly. Foodies who fly there relish the country’s tasty fare!

Cheap flights

Your adventure begins when you book a cheap flight with Air Transat! Save on airfare by searching the best prices on flights.

Portugal must-see destinations

Discount airfare to Portugal from Air Transat helps travellers make the most of every trip. Explore the destinations below and find out everything you need to know before planning your dream holiday.

Faro (Algarve)

Faro (Algarve)

Faro, Portugal’s most underrated resort town

Often passed over as tourists head from the airport to nearby resort towns, Faro is well worth visiting in its own right. Full of wonderfully preserved sights and well-maintained parks and plazas, this is a city that deserves final destination status after a long flight.

More about Faro (Algarve)


Things to do in Lisbon: culture, art and trendy bars

As the plane lands at the Lisbon airport, travellers can already count the seven hills upon which the sunniest capital in Europe is built. Once on the ground, visitors to the city can enjoy hip bars, exceptional gothic architecture and numerous UNESCO heritage sites, which they can easily navigate on foot or by tram and subway.

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Porto, Portugal: the heart of the Douro Valley

Located in northern Portugal, just 15 km from the airport, Porto is continuously evolving. Originally an industrial town, Porto also offers many pleasures to the visiting tourist, not the least of which are its bars that serve the city’s delicious namesake wine. But perhaps most intriguing is Porto’s history, making this little known city a real gem worth discovering.

More about Porto

I first discovered Porto’s “House of Music” — Casa da Música – during my first trip to Portugal in 2011, and I’ve returned several times since then for events and a closer look at the building’s unique architecture. The avant-garde brainchild of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, Casa da Música was built on the former parking site of the city’s trams and is the current home of Orquestra Nacional do Porto. To learn more, read our blog.

Portugal-Porto House of music

In this first episode of the Style Jaunt series, our two bloggers Camille and Gracie make each other’s acquaintance. Together, they set off to explore the Chiado district, known as the heart of Lisbon and characterized by its stately architecture and abundance of boutiques. Read our blog.

Portugal-Lisbon Chiado Style Jaunt series

In this second episode of the series, Gracie and Camille explore Lisbon’s Bairro Alto district. Built during the 16th and 17th centuries, it was traditionally a bohemian area for artists and writers. Now mostly known for its vibrant nightlife, this neighbourhood tends to be quieter during the day, but abounds with hidden gems for those who love to shop. Learn more about Lisbon with our blog.

Portugal-Lisbon Style Jaunt series

To discover the best places to shop in Lisbon, watch our Style Jaunt web series right here on our blog.

Portugal-Lisbon Style Jaunt web series

Follow Gail Aguiar, a Canadian expat in Portugal, as she takes you on a virtual tour of her favourite places in Porto. Experience an authentic Portuguese meal at Casa do Pescador, a family-owned grill house where fish is the specialty, or visit Mercado de Matosinhos and take a tea break at the cozy and relaxed Rota do Chá, an artsy tea house offering a wide selection of teas from around the world. To learn more, read our blog.


Just a short walk from Porto’s City Hall, Conga has perfected the country’s national sandwich. Available across every region and sold in every location—from food trucks, to shopping centre food courts, to tiny local hole-in-the-wall snack bars—the humble bifana is easy enough to find and looks easy to make. To learn more, read our blog.


Porto has always been a hub for commerce and industry, but it has also been known for some of Europe’s best attractions. With its dark row houses and cobblestone streets, its historic centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996 and is definitely worth a visit. And of course, port wine, Porto’s claim to fame, cannot be missed. But there’s more to Portugal’s second city. To learn more, read our blog.


Portugal is well known for its beautiful beaches, but did you know that a chapel in the Porto area is completely surrounded by one? Just south of Porto lies the tiny Chapel of the Lord of Stone, which sits on a bed of rocks encircled by the beach. To learn more, read our blog.


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The official currency of Portugal is the euro, which is accepted everywhere. Changing currencies is easily done anywhere in the country.

Official language

Although Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, it is possible to communicate in Spanish or English in most tourist locations.

Entry/exit requirements

For more information about passport and visa requirements, visit the Government of Canada’s travel website.

Weather in Portugal can vary throughout the year. The chart below indicates monthly average temperatures and rainfall so travellers can plan the perfect vacation at the right time and pack accordingly.

Weather in Portugal Weather in Portugal