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France tourism: culture, scenery and more

Flights to France across the Atlantic owe their popularity to the country’s infinite array of things to do and see. Home to 65 million inhabitants, France’s rich historic legacy includes magnificent castles and country palaces, gorgeous vineyards and countless world-famous monuments.

Paris, the capital

What is France without Paris? It’s the ideal destination for travellers seeking urban adventure in a bustling metropolis filled with historical sites. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées and the Palace of Versailles are just some of the many attractions that Paris has to offer.

The French mountains

For lovers of hiking, mountain biking, climbing and skiing, France has a multitude of breathtaking mountain peaks worth discovering. Travellers can choose between the Alps, the Jura mountains, the Pyrenees, the Vosges mountains and Massif Central.

Beaches on the Mediterranean

Tourists in the South of France love the Mediterranean beaches, ocean views and easy living found in Nice on the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera). They also enjoy Marseille, France’s largest port and home of the Olympique de Marseille (OM), the country’s most famous football club.

French gastronomy

Baeckeoffe in Alsace, tartiflette in the Haute Savoie and beef tartare in Paris: whatever the region, French gastronomy is sure to surprise and seduce. Other French specialties worth discovering are local cheeses, wines and cured meats. Truly epicurean travellers will find treasures beyond imagination.

French wine regions

Wine enthusiasts flock to the Bordeaux region, but France’s seat of wine production is known for its cognac and pineau as well. Both amateurs and connoisseurs alike take pleasure in exploring the Burgundy region, the Loire valley and the Champagne region to get a taste of authentic French wines.

Cheap flights

Your adventure begins when you book a cheap flight with Air Transat! Save on airfare by searching the best prices on flights.

France must-see destinations

Discount airfare to France from Air Transat helps travellers make the most of every trip. Explore the destinations below and find out everything you need to know before planning your dream holiday.



From the airport to the vineyards, Bordeaux is wonderfully intoxicating

Once nicknamed Sleeping Beauty, Bordeaux has been renewed and reawakened in recent years, garnering it the title of the largest urban UNESCO World Heritage Site. A quick ride from the airport is all it takes to be enchanted by the things to see and do in this spellbinding city.

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Lyon: tasty tourism in France’s 3rd largest city

With an airport named after Saint-Exupéry—Lyon’s most famous son—tourists can’t help but feel like princes among men in this sophisticated city. After all, France’s gastronomic capital has a reputation for encouraging visitors to eat like kings.

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Marseille: sunny tourism in Provence’s capital

Founded by the ancient Greeks in 600 BC, Marseille is not only France’s oldest city, but also arguably its loveliest, with 300 days of sunshine every year. Whether by direct flight to its conveniently located airport or as part of a larger European tour, it’s a city worth exploring.

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Nantes: France’s city of art, history and innovation

Nantes is one of France’s most delightful dichotomies. An ancient port known as the city of art and history, it is also a town thriving with youthful creativity and inventiveness. Indeed, half of its population is under the age of 40.

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Nice: tourism on France’s magnificent Côte d’Azur

Though the Mediterranean sunshine and jewel-toned water suggest a vacation spent firmly by the sea, Nice is way more than sunbathing. With a thriving art scene, delicious food and rich history, this French Riviera favourite has many things to do for any kind of tourist.

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Things to do in Paris, the City of Light

Paris, France is a plane ticket away for travellers wanting an urban adventure in a richly historical city. Divided into 20 arrondissements (or districts), Paris has so many things to do, see, visit and taste, one might very well need a lifetime to experience everything the city has to offer.

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Toulouse: tourism in the South of France’s rose-coloured city

Toulouse boasts a significant ancient Roman history, but it’s also the centre of Europe’s aerospace industry. While the city embraces and celebrates its past, its focus is directed squarely at the future. So many direct flights are available to discover this colourful city.

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France’s only and official currency is the euro (€ / EUR), which is the official currency of all member countries in the European Union.

Official language

The official language of France is French, but travellers can expect to hear different dialects and patois (derived from French) in different regions. English and Spanish may be spoken and understood in some tourist locations. 

Entry/exit requirements

For more information about passport and visa requirements, visit the Government of Canada’s travel website.

Weather in France can vary throughout the year. The chart below indicates monthly average temperatures and rainfall so travellers can plan the perfect vacation at the right time and pack accordingly.

Weather in France Weather in France