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Digital health document validation tool

Be airport ready: 3 time-savings steps to simplify your experience

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each country requires health documents to limit the spread of the virus.

Air Transat offers a new tool to validate health documents, which can be accessed while checking in online.


 Save time by validating your COVID-19 health document before arriving to the airport.

 Ensure that your document meets the applicable entry requirements before arriving to the airport.

 Benefit from a limited-contact experience at the airport.

 Obtain your digital boarding pass.

How it works

  • Before heading to the airport, complete your online check-in and upload your proof of vaccination and health documents related to COVID-19 (PCR or antigen test results, depending on the requirements of your destination) to make passing through the airport a cinch.

    Please note that you may be unable to complete the online check-in process for these flights unless your health document has been uploaded.