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Due to safety concerns raised by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop (manufactured by Apple Inc. between September 2015 and February 2017) are strictly forbidden in cabin and in checked baggage. Apple has determined that the battery on these laptops may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.

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Flight from Prague to Quebec

Lowest fares by month

  • VIII 2019 - IV 2020

    No flights available from VIII 2019 to IV 2020

  • Flight from Prague to Quebec, květen 2020 best price: 628€, departure on 1. 5. 2020, return on 1. 5. 2020. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Prague to Quebec, June 2020 best price: 628€, departure on 1. 6. 2020, return on 1. 6. 2020. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Prague to Quebec, July 2020 best price: 731€, departure on 1. 7. 2020, return on 1. 7. 2020. Press enter to book.

Lowest fares by month

Užitečné informace k vaší cestě z Prahy do Quebec

  • Average travel time
    ò 12h05
  • Eco Standard baggage allowance
    51 lb (23 kg)
  • Current temperature
  • Local time
    11:14 AM
  • Currency
    $ Dollar canadien
  • Exchange rate
    1EUR = 1,48 CAD
    1CAD = 0,68 EUR

Current temperature source: ©OpenWeatherMap

A whole New World to explore

Quebec City is a one-of-a-kind destination in North America. The vestiges of its turbulent past make this destination an absolute must.

What to do in Quebec City, Canada

  • Old Quebec and its Place Royale, as well as the Citadelle of Quebec, Château Frontenac, Ice Hotel and Plains of Abraham, are just some of the many marvels that await you.

  • Discover Gaspésie National Park, the whales in Tadoussac, Montmorency Falls, Le Massif de Charlevoix, Lake Sacacomie and plenty of other breathtaking tourist attractions.

  • Spend a few days in Tadoussac to take an unforgettable whale watching cruise.

Canada : Points of interest Find articles here highlighting our most charming Canadian destinations.

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Vrelé uvítání ve tríde Economy

Naše Economy trída vám nabídne vrelé uvítání, služby na míru, bezkonkurencní pohodlí, ergonomická sedadla z italské kuže, obetavou posádku a zábavní systém po dobu letu. Vychutnejte si zcela nový zážitek na palube nekterého z našich velkokapacitních letadel Airbus!
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Extra výhody se službou Option Plus

Prejdete na službu Option Plus a získejte další výhody a služby pro trídu Economy.
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Špickový komfort se trídou Club

Exkluzivní prostorná kabina ve tríde Club s širšími koženými sedadly. Bezplatná možnost výberu sedadla, možnost vetších zavazadel, bezplatné nápoje a obcerstvení, výber z gastronomických specialit a dve obetavé letušky.
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  • Exkluzivní prostorná kabina ve tríde Club
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