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Economy Class

Inflight Entertainment

Option Plus


As part of Traveller Care, portions of the services offered may be different than advertised, including being reduced or unavailable to limit handling and contact. 


Our Economy Class offers a warm welcome and personalized service, with unparalleled comfort, ergonomic Italian-leather seats, a dedicated crew and an inflight entertainment system!



  • Comfortable leather seats for optimum relaxation
  • Four-way headrest on Airbus aircraft


  • Duty-free service

Inflight entertainment


Food and drink

  • On flights to the South and the United States, choose from our on-board Bistro Menu offering a selection of sandwiches and snacks at affordable prices.

As part of the Traveller Protection program, and in order to limit handling, passengers travelling in Economy Class on board our transatlantic flights will receive a boxed lunch including a sandwich, salad and dessert. They will also be able to purchase snacks from the Bistro menu at affordable prices.

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