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Plan your trip to Montreal

Airfare to Montreal over the next 12 months

The price of flights to Montreal varies from month to month. The chart below highlights the lowest rates you can expect to pay depending on when you travel.

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Visit Montreal for a taste of Canada’s rich history and natural beauty

Montreal is a world-class city with countless things to do and see. Aside from yearly events such as the Grand Prix of Canada, permanent attractions include, among others, the Olympic Stadium, which held the Summer Olympics in 1976, and the Notre-Dame Basilica, located in the historical district of Old Montreal. And for nature lovers looking for a break from the big city, Sacacomie is but a couple of hours away.

Events and activities for sports fans

The Canadian Grand Prix is held in Montreal in June. The city truly comes alive during the big week of the event, with thousands of visitors from around the world coming to take part in the festivities every year, which include attractions and activities for all to enjoy. Throughout the rest of the year, football fans can enjoy a visit to the Olympic Stadium, home to the Montreal Impact, the city’s professional football team, while ice hockey aficionados can experience first-hand the frenzy around the Canadiens de Montréal (Montreal Canadians), the hometown hockey team.

Montreal’s vibrant music scene

Montreal is a global centre for music. Les FrancoFolies de Montréal has over 1,000 artists performing in over 250 shows over 10 days, while the Montreal Jazz Festival takes place over two weeks in early summer, and holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest festival of its kind. Igloofest is another exceptional music festival held at the Old Port of Montreal; it takes place in January and attracts tens of thousands of music-lovers annually. With numerous other festivals and concerts taking place throughout the year, Montreal has the right event to cater to every taste.

A taste of nature not far from the city

The Sacacomie Hotel is a popular spot for nature lovers visiting Canada. A lodge nestled in the heart of deep forest with views over Lake Sacacomie, it is just a 120-minute drive away from Montreal. Further east, for those willing to take a longer road trip or overnight train ride, the Gaspésie, a peninsula along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, is another spectacular tourism destination, with numerous hiking trails available to take in the native flora and fauna.

Regular flights from Prague to Montreal’s Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport make it easy to get to this culturally rich and entertaining city. Book a flight with Air Transat to start your adventure today!

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