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Plan your trip to Vancouver

Airfare to Vancouver over the next 12 months

The price of flights to Vancouver varies from month to month. The chart below highlights the lowest rates you can expect to pay depending on when you travel.

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Taxes and fees included
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Vancouver’s guide to the perfect West Coast holiday

One of the best features of Canada’s west side is the weather: from Whistler’s mountains to Vancouver Island, travellers are protected from the cold and pampered with gorgeousness in any direction they look—which is perhaps what makes Vancouver such an ideal destination, whatever the time of year.

Whistler skiing

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts can lap up a day on the slopes during the winter months by taking a cable car up to Grouse Mountain, known as the Peak of Vancouver, or travelling two hours to Whistler, a world-class ski resort. In the summer, locals and tourists alike find loads of things to do in the mountains, such as hiking, bike riding, rafting and ziplining.

Vancouver beaches

For those who fancy spending the day on flatter land, Vancouver Island, the largest island on the West Coast of North America, is well worth a visit. Action-seekers can indulge in a little scuba-diving and surfing, while others can relax on one of the island’s lovely beaches or go whale watching in Tofino on the island’s west side. A ferry system makes it easy to get to Vancouver Island from Vancouver, and there are plenty of hotels to choose from on site for longer stays.

Parks, museums, pubs, and clubs

A visit to Vancouver warrants a visit to Stanley Park, a green space that rivals any of London’s. Its collection of nine brightly coloured totem poles is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Canada—and the only place in the world where one can admire this authentic artwork. Looking for indoor entertainment? The Vancouver Aquarium and Police Museum aim to captivate visitors of all ages. After the sun sets, tourists can join Vancouver’s young and trendy at Granville Street’s pubs, clubs, and live music venues. Alternatively, Main Street and Yaletown also offer a great selection of restaurants and cocktail bars.

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