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  • Flight from Toronto to Lyon, May 2017 best price: $802, departure on 05/05/2017, return on 13/05/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Toronto to Lyon, June 2017 best price: $762, departure on 02/06/2017, return on 10/06/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Toronto to Lyon, July 2017 best price: $1282, departure on 10/07/2017, return on 16/07/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Toronto to Lyon, August 2017 best price: $977, departure on 28/08/2017, return on 05/09/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Toronto to Lyon, September 2017 best price: $802, departure on 15/09/2017, return on 23/09/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Toronto to Lyon, October 2017 best price: $762, departure on 30/10/2017, return on 07/11/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Nov 2017 - Mar 2018

    No flights available from Nov 2017 to Mar 2018

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The best of Lyon

Royal Indulgence

Lyon, France’s third largest city, invites you to quite the high life. Not only has its airport been named in honor of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, its most famous son and author of the world renowned The Little Prince, but it will also treat you like a little more than a little prince. Lyon is, after all, France’s gastronomic capital, and it will make you eat like a king.

Not to be missed

  • The Institut Lumière: For a classic Bordelais experience, tourists join locals and wander through the Marché des Capucins on the lookout for the freshest market produce .

  • The Musée Gadagne: Located in the center of the Vieux Lyon, it teaches visitors about local history, from silk weaving to cinema and beyond. The second part of the museum houses an international collection of puppets, featuring Guignol, one of the city’s icons.

  • The Passage Thiaffait: Once known for its silk production, Lyon is still criss-crossed with remains of its rich textile history. The Passage Thiaffait is one of many covered passageways known as traboules.

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