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  • Flight from Montreal to Nantes, May 2017 best price: $679, departure on 15/05/2017, return on 23/05/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Montreal to Nantes, June 2017 best price: $699, departure on 14/06/2017, return on 22/06/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Montreal to Nantes, July 2017 best price: $1229, departure on 05/07/2017, return on 13/07/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Montreal to Nantes, August 2017 best price: $1014, departure on 30/08/2017, return on 07/09/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Montreal to Nantes, September 2017 best price: $739, departure on 25/09/2017, return on 03/10/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Montreal to Nantes, October 2017 best price: $739, departure on 16/10/2017, return on 24/10/2017. Press enter to book.

  • Nov 2017 - Mar 2018

    No flights available from Nov 2017 to Mar 2018

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The best of Nantes

France’s city of art, history and innovation

Nantes is one of France’s most delightful dichotomies. An ancient port, it is known as the city of art and history, and it is thriving with youthful creativity and inventiveness. As a matter of fact, half of its population is under the age of 40.

Not to be missed

  • Chateau des ducs de Bretagne: Built 800 years ago, it may lead visitors to think they will find a palace full of dry and dusty relics. Instead, the multimedia exhibits inside offer a modern perspective on the city’s past, present and future.

  • Musée Jules Verne: Dedicated to “The Father of Science Fiction,” the city’s most famous son. It houses artefacts, first edition books, replicas of his futuristic inventions, as well as memorabilia inspired by his writings.

  • Les Machines de L’Île de Nantes: A magical menagerie of mechanical creatures dreamt up with the invented worlds of Jules Verne and Da Vinci in mind. Young and old alike are wonderstruck by The Great Elephant, a 12 meter-high walking pachyderm that can be ridden by 50 people at a time.

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