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Flights to Hungary, land of the Magyars

Home to Europe’s biggest lake and one of its most unique languages, Hungary also has one of the highest rankings per capita of both Nobel laureates and Olympic medals. Exotic and distinctive, it’s one of those sought-after destinations where the return on a cheap flight ticket is an almost endless array of natural and cultural riches.


There are more than a thousand thermal springs in Hungary, and visitors can enjoy them at a variety of establishments ranging from bona fide Turkish bathhouses to austere sanatoriums. Visitors looking for a truly authentic experience can wade up to a floating chessboard and join the locals in a game.

Travellers in search of unusual souvenirs make their way to Ecseri Piac—one of the biggest flea markets in Central Europe—on the outskirts of Budapest. Stalls are loaded with vintage clothing, antique toys, Soviet tchotchkes and more.


The Aggtelek National Park features the largest cave system in Central Europe, an immense series of caverns dripping with an otherworldly dreamscape of stalactites and stalagmites. A special favourite for visitors is the Baradla Cave, known also as The Concert Hall for its spectacular acoustics.
Nicknamed “The Hungarian Sea” for being the biggest lake in all of Europe, Lake Balaton is one of Hungary’s foremost tourist destinations. The area’s busiest months are June through August, when the water is a bath-like 25ºC or higher.


Over 60,000 people head to Szolnok each year for their annual Goulash Festival. A Goulash King of the Year is crowned and 700 cauldrons of the hearty medieval soup are prepared in celebration of this world-famous national dish.
Louis XIV of France once pronounced Tokaji the “wine of kings, king of wines.” Oenophiles still head up in droves to northeastern Hungary for it today.

Cheap flights

Your adventure begins when you book a cheap flight with Air Transat! Save on airfare by searching the best prices on flights.

Cheap flights

Your adventure begins when you book a cheap flight with Air Transat! Save on airfare by searching the best prices on flights.

Hungary must-see destination

Discount airfare to Hungary from Air Transat helps travellers make the most of every trip. Explore the destinations below and find out everything you need to know before planning your dream holiday.



Budapest: tourism in Hungary’s dynamic capital

If Montreal is the Paris of the West, Budapest most certainly deserves the title of Paris of the East. The wealth of cheap flights available to this architecturally magnificent gem makes purchasing a ticket more attractive than ever. After all, Hungary’s cosmopolitan capital is the focal point of the entire country’s tourism industry.

More about Budapest

Tourists often walk right by some of the top street food spots in Budapest, so look closely and you may enjoy one of the best meals of your life from a wooden hut. To learn more, read our blog.

Hungary-Budapest Street food

Historical beauty, endless activities, and excellent food make Budapest one of the world’s most popular destinations. No wonder why it has been dubbed the Little Paris of Eastern Europe. To learn more about the city’s architecture and plan your trip to Budapest, read our blog.

Hungary-Nightlife in Budapest

Do you ever find yourself picking up on people’s idiosyncrasies and trying to guess their life story from across the room? To learn more about Budapest’s best cafés for people watching, read our blog.

Hungary-Budapest Cafes

Budapest, plopped lazily on the banks of the Danube River, is a difficult city to characterize. It’s not as cultured as Vienna or as edgy as Belgrade, but sits in the middle of the two cities—and not just geographically. Many of the city’s amusements and its hipster scene can be enjoyed by the whole family. To learn more, read our blog.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are travelling to Budapest, then you absolutely need to learn these two words: káveház and cukrászda. The first one means café and the second, bakery; thanks to them, a whole world of delight is yours to enjoy! Read more about the sweetest things to do in Budapest on our blog.

Hungary-Sweetest things to do in Budapest

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The Hungarian currency is the forint (HUF).

Official language

The official language in Hungary is Hungarian.

Entry/exit requirements

For more information about passport and visa requirements, visit the Government of Canada travel website.


Visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website or ask your health professional for more information about vaccinations.

Weather in Hungary can vary throughout the year. The chart below indicates monthly average temperatures and rainfall so travellers can plan the perfect vacation at the right time and pack accordingly.

Weather in Hungary Weather in Hungary